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Virus/Malware Eradication

A computer virus is a small software
program that spreads from one computer to
another and interferes with computer operation.
A computer virus might corrupt or delete
data on a computer.
Malware can install on your computer
without your knowledge.
These programs can change your computer’s
configuration or collect advertising data
and personal information.
Malware can track Internet search habits
and can also redirect your web browser to
a different website than you intend to go to.

Remote Assistance

Sometimes the best way to fix a problem
is with Windows Remote Assistance.
This is a convenient way, to connect
to your computer and resolve an issue.
Even if you move thousands of
miles away, I can still help you.
To help ensure that only people you invite
can connect to your computer using Windows
Remote Assistance, all sessions are encrypted
and password protected.

Complete Tune-Up

This is a great service and you get much more than I can list here!
Free Anti-Virus installation
Virus eradication
Performance Check
Security Check
Malware eradication
Printer Configuration
Network simplification